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Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis Notes 中的文章
  • [Lecture 1] Introduction, Mathematics Review, Recursion
  • [Lecture 2] Asymptotic Notation, Algorithm Analysis
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    [Lecture 2] Asymptotic Notation, Algorithm Analysis

    1. Asymptotic Notation

    1.1 Definitions

    Here are some definitions to demonstrate the value trend of a function when the input N grows up .

    The big-O notation O defines a class of functions that have the same attribution :

    T(N)=O(f(N)) if there are positive constants c and n0 such that T(N)cf(N) when Nn0.

    Note that 「=」 here is not a tradition symbol 「equal」, which describes T(N) belongs to a set of functions satisfied with the requirement above.